Subject to Review

Elizabeth Pedler invited members of the Liverpool community to walk through Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, and have a conversation about the artworks on display as part of the exhibition Subject to Ruin. These conversations were recorded in audio format, which the artist then edited to create an audio-tour of the exhibition, with commentary of the artworks by local residents. You are invited to walk through the exhibition at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, and listen to the discussion about the artworks.

Most of volunteers involved had never been to Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre prior to the making of this artwork. The only requirements were that participants are at least 18 years old, and live, study or work in the Liverpool area.

In four groups across three days from 26 – 28 May 2014, each group met in the foyer, and spent approximately one hour walking through the galleries. Groups varied in number between 5 and 17, and a total of 48 people engaged in the making of this work.

Elizabeth Pedler would like to thank the following members of the Liverpool community for taking part in this project, as well as those who assisted with the recruitment of volunteers, and documentation:

Wisam I. Shadood, Mario Rizkalla Panous, C.C., Zayc Amanoeal, Gulcihan Sahin, Sargou Isaac, Veakny Touch, Nawar, Muneer, Hassan Charaf, Natalia Timofeeva, Sergio Torres, Hannana, Li Yuanyi, Ghareeb Shuaa, Safaa Alsaadi, Jay G Hermita, John James G. Hermita, Paul Southwel, Masoud, Tu Binh Chau (Bianca), Sean Ly, Rami Satto, Dani Sitto, Anonymous, Gloria and Irina from Navitas Liverpool, Guido Gonzalez from Curious Works, Khaled Sabsabi, Adam Porter, Arian Bozorg.

Please follow the directions given during the audio-tour. If at any time you need to stop, you may pause the track, and then press play to resume the tour.
Individual barcodes are also placed near selected artworks in this exhibition, linking to to comments relating specifically to that artwork.



You will need headphones to listen to this artwork. If you require a pair, they are available on loan from the front desk.


Accessibility: Please note the audio-tour involves access to the mezzanine level via the rear ramp and returns to ground level using the stairs. If you need to use the elevator, simply pause the track, and resume listening when possible.

Have you already listened to the audio-tour? Give your own response to the artworks in the exhibition (including this one). Using the notepaper and pens provided, add your opinion to the discussion board at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, or post a comment online.